Old Stage Fire; A wind-driven Dragon returns

Old Stage Fire, Boulder, CO

Jan. 7th, 2009. It was very very very windy, hurricane-strong windy. Gusts of wind reported over 80mph. It was also very very dry out.
These were the same conditions that preceded the devastating Overland Fire from Oct 2003 (5000+ acres, Jamestown evacuated).
This fire started the same way the Overland Fire started; High winds resulting in blown down power-lines that explode across the landscape in high winds. This time I was at work and had to get my daughter from school. The fire was essentially between the school and home, but we were able to run up Left Hand Canyon and I was able to get her home safely. Jamestown VFD did not get toned out, but Matt, Rob, Tara and I think a few others took out the tanker, joined the forces fighting the fire and grappled first hand with the Dragon. Overall an amazing job by the Emergency Services and Firefighters to save property and protect lives. No serious injuries and no structures lost after the initial hours past and Firefighters were fully deployed.