Jamestown Flood of 2013





Where the front yard with fence and driveway used to be.

Where the front yard, fence, water main and driveway used to be.

Living in Jamestown Colorado for about 14 years makes it the place I have lived in the longest, without moving, in my life. Its an idyllic setting in the foothills of Colorado and a short drive to Boulder. One of the nieces bike rides you can take is up Lefthand canyon from the Greenbriar to our town.

Still, we knew we might move down to “the plains” of Boulder as our daughter was approaching high school. We all needed to be closer in. So we bought a house down in Boulder and put our awesome Jamestown home on the market.

That was before the flood of September 2013. Fortunately for us, the house was mostly spared, but the property and the town was virtually destroyed. There was no longer a road in or out. The Fire Department next door was destroyed. The roads were ripped up along with the water main. There was no power, phones, or any kind of emergency services possible. I found the realtors’ sign downstream and returned it to her. I think we are at least a year or two out from getting this house back on the market.