Bear in the Backyard

Look who’s coming to dinner…

One of the things we love about where we live is all of the wildlife we get to see up close and personal. I think this year we have seen black bear in our yard at least half a dozen times, and that was in the daylight hours. After the spring we did not see them as often in the summer. Its gotten a lot cooler, the temps at night are perfect in this pre-fall time.

Just the other night I woke up after hearing some loud rustling out the open window. I craned my neck to see if I could see anything and sure enough there was a nice big black bear making his way down to where the “bear can” is. A bear can is a locking 50 gallon drum, and they become noisy “bear toys” but are effective at keeping the garbage inside.

I knew it would be gone by the time it would take me to get down over there and shoo it off, but I could also see it crossed the path of an outdoor camera I have set up. You can see this bear is a good sofa-sized one.