Web Portfolio: 2011

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ArticleOnePartners Description

Browse and Search Redesign
UI/UX Components

Redesigned and deployed Browse and Search views with JQuery + Datatables js framework, Ajax and Solr. Controllers and view logic in PHP.
PHP, JavaScript, JQuery, Zend, HTML, CSS, Photoshop.

ArticleOnePartners Description

User UX/UI Components
User Activity History Interfaces

Refactored and designed new user interfaces including a user activity dashboard interface with graphs and updates to encourage user engagement with the platform. Leveraged Google Charts API for real-time chart generation. Integrated with social media via third party AddThis service.
PHP, Zend, HTLM, CSS, JQuery.

ArticleOnePartners Description

Admin and Client User UX/UI Components
Responses Interface

Refactored and designed new user Admin and Client User interfaces including a response dashboard loading json to datatables. Authored controller actions, templates, javascript and CSS.
PHP, Zend, HTLM, CSS, JQuery.