I love my commute, little Spring Bear.

Came across this little bear on my way home after work.

One of the many things we love about living in the foothills of Boulder county is getting to enjoy the abundant wildlife.
My commute is often like a ride through a wildlife preserve though actually its a ride through a few different National Forests which surround our small town. I love my commute.

TDroid: Whats in a Name?

A few years back when Android was on the horizon, I spent a little time writing a GPS tracking App for the Android OS. I used tdroid.com behind the project and even got around to submitting the app to the Android Developers Challenge. WIthout any prize money I grew weary of rewriting it with each Android platform update and instead grew more interested in other things especially the onslaught of Android devices peering over the horizon. Unlike the IPhone and IPad which limited hardware choices to a few variations of a few models, the number of distinct Android Devices are as numerous as your choice of sneaker at your local Foot Locker.

So I thought “Im done with my android tracking app, what to do with my tdroid domain..”. So this idea begins with the domain which I thought would be interesting to use in an SEO experiment. The idea being to build out a Android device and tablet compendium website, which would reference all the current Android Phones and Tablets. This should drive good traffic given the domain and if quality review content was organized behind thoughtful slug URLs. There is no way I could possible review all of these devices and compare them, there are just too many and life is too short to spend that much time unpacking and un-boxing. These reviews also are already being written. But here is something I could do that would be different. I could compile all of the reviews, linking back to the full review, and then add up the various scores and show which devices were , overall, the top rated etc.

The amount of time I put into this will be directly proportional to the amount of traffic it gets, we will see!
Check out the current Android Phone and Tablet Reviews on TDroid!