GoPro Helmet Cam: Eldora Salto Glades

Took out a GoPro cam for the first time at Eldora and was impressed. Pretty harsh environment and it performed well. Went down hard a couple of times and never popped off. The wide angle distorts a bit making the steeps flatter etc but gets in a big picture with is more than worth the trade off in distortion. Sound record quality is hampered by the waterproof case but the sounds can take a back seat to the video. Smaller and lighter than my waterproof digital still cam, I’m sure I will be bringing this along on many missions…

Web Portfolio: 2010

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PublicEarth Description

Embeddable Widgets
UI/UX Components

Designed and deployed embeddable widget templates. Designed for third party integration provided map/widget views and with supporting ajax controller methods.
Rails, JavaScript, JQuery, Google Maps API, HTML, CSS, Photoshop..


ArticleOnePartners Description

Complete Refactor and Redesign

Refactored and designed new interfaces from a suite of procedural php files into structured Zend MVC Architecture with Smarty templates and JQuery. Refactored and redesigned document / upload / highlighter UX Interface. Designed multiple Views, Layouts, and UX Components. Integrate with 3rd Party APIs; Google, Hubspot, ZenDesk.
PHP, Zend, HTLM, CSS, JQuery.


ArticleOnePartners Description

Article One Portal Design

Portal Platform

Refactored and designed new interfaces within a Zend MVC Architecture to provide site-feature sets by user-types and user features by specific user. Third Party Clients, Internal expert Admins, and Registered anonymous Users now had custom UI and UX components.
PHP, Zend, HTLM, CSS, JQuery.