Powder Days and Like-Minds

THIS must be the SPOT
Spent a great day a Keystone snowboarding through some fresh powder. My friend said he had found “this awesome shelter in the unpatrolled tress of North Mountain, we should try to find it again”. Seemed like a good idea, see if he could replay his inner GPS. I brought a Garmin GPS to get the position if we found it for real.
The first run we missed it by a mere 50 yards, it took a few tries but we were in fact able to locate this lean-to. We broke out our foods and stuff inside around mid-day. It was hilarious the two groups who came by, obviously knew of the spot, obviously of-the-same-mind. It should not be surprising to meet folks like yourself when you share likes, dislikes, personality disorders, or whatever. Check out the spot in Google Earth here.